T35 Hosting has quite an interesting past. The company was first conceptualized in the late 1990s and was launched in 1997 and then incorporated in 1999. Can you please tell us more about the history of T35? Can you share with us the company’s background concept and the brilliant minds behind it?

T35 Hosting was founded as one of the first free web hosting providers, along with companies such as GeoCities, Angelfire, Tripod & Homestead. At the time, getting a website on the internet meant dealing with a local ISP, who would charge exorbitant costs ($1,000+) and would take months to set up. The concept of T35 Hosting was to provide a free and instant web hosting experience to allow users to share content across the globe.

T35 has been an integral part of the web hosting industry for almost 2 decades. We have seen major innovations since 1997. These changes are well refined over the years and it keeps getting better and better. Now, what is the key to your success and how is it imposed to your company?

Although most of our initial competitors are now gone (GeoCities, etc..) we have managed to stay in business by being flexible, changing our service with the times, and – mostly importantly, focusing on our customers. For almost 20 years now, our slogan has remained: “we help you succeed!”, exemplifying our focus on customer focus and helping our customers succeed online.

Although we no longer offer free hosting, we remain committed to helping our customers establish their online presence by offering the highest quality service at affordable prices, bundled with exceptional customer service.

Your company is one of the oldest and most established web hosting company in the industry. Before you reached this level, you had several challenges through issues like the Botnet attack and Joseph Stack to name a few. As a team, how were you able to surpass these challenges?

There have been many challenges throughout the years. Being a popular hosting service, we’ve seen our fair share of abuse and controversies. However, we were able to persevere and continue to improve our service and customer experience.

To start off, what services are getting the love out there and what service are well recommended and promoted by your clients?

We have recently converted all of our shared hosting servers to cutting-edge technology. All of our servers now feature enterprise-level RAID 10 SSD that allows our clients to have the fastest loading sites out there. We have also modified our plans to focus on particular platforms. For example, our WordPress hosting plans are hosted on WordPress optimized servers to make sure the hardware and software running on the servers is optimized for WordPress.

We have received a good amount of positive feedback from this change since we are now able to offer website load speed performance that is significantly better than our competitors. All of our shared hosting plans are also now “managed”, meaning we provide full support with the plans – from installing or migrating wordpress, to troubleshooting a plugin; we got you covered!

To know more about your services, can you please tell us how a site is launched on a dedicated server? How is it different when hosted on a shared hosting?

When your site grows large enough, you would typically want to move to your own dedicated server. Although the costs are higher than shared hosting, you get your own server just for your site. That allows you maximum flexibility in server software and settings and allows your site to get a lot more traffic. The drawback of dedicated servers is typically the cost (which is higher than shared hosting), the server management required (which we provide if needed), and the setup time. Although we offer same-day setups on many of our dedicated servers, a custom solution can take several weeks since we purchase brand-new custom built servers on your behalf. Generally speaking, most sites are fine with our shared hosting platform and only larger sites (1M visitors+/month) would require a dedicated server.

One of your premium features include a Redundant network, how does it improve efficiency and utilization of the servers. How would it affect the productivity of the site?

Yes, our servers are in a top tier data center with multiple gigabit uplinks from 4 different upstream bandwidth providers. Our routers are set up with failsafes that will switch to a different uplink in case there are network issues or downtime. This has allowed us to maintain an almost 100% uptime since we implemented this solution almost 10 years ago.

More on your premium features, you also have a separate Cloud back- up partnered with Amazon S3 servers. How can you ensure security when using a third party back- up?

Yes – to ensure not only redundancy but also data protection, we partnered with the leading cloud service: Amazon S3. Separate from other backup services that you can opt-into, we backup all of the accounts to an off-site (not web accessible) Amazon S3 facility. All backups are fully encrypted, using the same encryption technology used by banks.

In line with the question above, there are questions of security when migrating data from one server to the other, what are the robust contingency plans set up to avoid threats and attacks through migration?

All of our backups and data transfers are done with leading security encryption, similar to how banks transfer data.

You have established a tight partnership with Magento eCommerce service. How are you able to launch magento into your system? How can you ensure a fast loading site for this?

Our sister brand, SmartSites, is a leading Magento developer and has developed over 100 Magento websites (most of which are hosted with T35 Hosting). This allowed to develop a core competency in migrating and hosting Magento websites.

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